ROMAC’s Teen Apprenticeship and Entrepreneurship Program 

Teaching youth the business side of art can be beneficial for many reasons. For one, it can help them to understand the realities of being an artist and the various challenges and opportunities that come with it. This can be especially important for young people considering pursuing a career in the arts, as it can give them a more realistic understanding of what to expect and help them make more informed decisions about their future.

ROMAC believes teaching youth the business side of art can also help develop their entrepreneurial skills and encourage them to think creatively and critically about turning their passion for art into a viable career. 

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Welcome to the ROMAC Artrepreneur Program, a transformative economic mobility initiative for young artists and creative professionals aged 13 to 21. This program provides a dynamic platform for channeling artistic passion into a thriving career while addressing racial and social disparities in resource distribution. By focusing on the "business side of art," participants are empowered with essential skills in art creation, marketing, technology integration, sales strategies, financial literacy, and sustainable business practices. Our program catalyzes economic advancement and social equity.

Program Details:

  • Number of Participants: Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in our participant selection. Fifty percent of participants are recruited from Cincinnati's West End, and the remaining half represents other Cincinnati ZIP codes, Queen City Foundation teens, and youth that attend schools/youth-focused organizations in neighborhoods predominantly inhabited by African-American residents. These include communities such as Evanston, Walnut Hills, Avondale, Price Hill, Queensgate, Bond Hill, Roselawn, and Westwood, with evident resource disparities.  We aim to serve 20 -30 students a year based on funding.

  • Compensation: Both youth participants and adult artists actively engaged in the program receive competitive salaries, recognizing the value of their contributions to the artistic and entrepreneurial landscape.

  • Working Hours: Participants dedicate 15 to 25 hours per month to balancing creativity and responsibilities, fostering growth without compromising other duties.

  • Program Duration: The program spans a year, promoting sustainable growth by providing consistent support and guidance.

Program Highlights:

  • Artistic and Business Excellence: Our multifaceted approach nurtures artistic prowess while equipping participants with the skills required to excel in business. Workshops, mentorship, and collaborative projects provide a comprehensive education.

  • Addressing Disparities: By recruiting participants from neighborhoods with historically limited resources, we strive to address racial and social inequalities, fostering pathways to economic empowerment.

  • Financial Empowerment: Financial literacy training ensures participants can effectively manage their earnings, invest in their careers, and make informed financial decisions.

  • Sustainability Focus: Sustainability practices, both environmentally and economically, are woven into the program, promoting conscientious business practices that benefit both artists and their communities.

College Connections and Resources:

  • Partnerships: We have established partnerships with local colleges and educational institutions to provide participants with resources, guidance, and support in pursuing higher education in arts-related fields.

  • College Pathways: Through workshops, seminars, and mentorship, participants gain insights into various college programs, scholarships, and opportunities that align with their artistic aspirations.

  • Holistic Development: We emphasize a holistic approach, helping participants refine their artistry and entrepreneurial skills and prepare for academic success in colleges and universities.

Expanded Horizons:

  • Career Exploration: Beyond art creation, participants are introduced to a diverse array of career paths within the arts, including museum roles, administrative positions, and college programs. This broadens their outlook and opportunities within the art sector.


Why Choose ROMAC Artrepreneur Program?

  • Economic Mobility: Our program's primary goal is to foster economic mobility by providing opportunities and resources that can lead to sustainable careers in the arts.

  • Community-Centric: We aim to uplift communities and create a more inclusive and vibrant artistic ecosystem by addressing racial and social disparities.

  • Year-Round Engagement: The year-long program duration ensures ongoing support, allowing participants to develop their skills, establish networks, and solidify their entrepreneurial foundations.

Join the Movement:

Embark on artistic growth, entrepreneurship, and social change with the ROMAC Artrepreneur Program. Together, we forge a brighter future where art thrives and becomes a driving force for economic mobility, equity, and higher education.

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