How to be a ROMAC ambassador.


We need to raise $13 million to close our fundraising gap!

We have 1 million from the Capital Budget!


How can you help?

Glad you asked. 

Here are some ideas:

  1. Sign up to be part of our street team!

  2. Host an event/gathering to promote the ROMAC (Friendraiser).

  3. Share your Art Consortium or Regal Theater Story.

  4. Donate and encourage others!  Paypal  Cash App

  5.  Write a letter to the Cincinnati leaders about the importance of Saving the Regal and ROMAC.

  6. Buy ROMAC merchandise!

  7. Connect us with organizations, philanthropists, and funders.

  8. Gather donations for our silent auction in 2023.

  9. Follow us on Social Media.

  10. Choose ROMAC as your AmazonSmile charity.


To be a volunteer and sign up: Go Here